Wear Valley Amateur Swimming Club

Club History

On this page you will find information to the history of Wear Valley Amateur Swimming Club, which includes how the club was formed and how it has grown since the start of WVASC in 1968.

History of Wear Valley ASC - A swimming club was founded in Bishop Auckland when the Woodhouse Close Baths were opened in 1968. There was a queue of 700 children and adults waiting to join the swimming club well before the doors opened. Children were assessed and allocated groups and squads by the first Head Coach, a system which has continued since. Bishop Auckland ASC both taught and coached swimmers with great success for many years, until Wear Valley District Council took over all beginner teaching at the Pool. The club continued to flourish under the leadership of the committee of parents, many of whom served the club long after their own children had moved on to colleges, universities and other jobs. Head Coaches trained many successful swimmers to County, District and National standards. In 1975 a swimming club was also formed in Crook, based at the Glenholme Baths, working as Crook and Willington ASC. The two clubs were both friends and rivals until in 1991, when they amalgamated to form the present Wear Valley Amateur Swimming Club.

The new club thrived under the guidance of Chairman Derek Beadle and Head Coach Alan Hills, producing many successful swimmers, several achieving National times and medals. While head coaches have changed and moved on, the parents and committee continue to keep the club active and many former swimmers have trained as teachers and coaches. They often return to the club to swim, coach or generally help during school, university or employment holidays.

Although a relatively small and new club within Northumberland and Durham Counties ASA, Wear Valley has had the honour of the Presidency of the County Association four times, and many members serve as competition officials and committee and Board members. Wear Valley is part owner of the Swimtime Electronic Timing system which is also used by other clubs for their galas.

WVASC is primarily a completive swimming club who’s key objective is to have representation and success at all levels of competition, however we also offer a variety of other swimming activities which is aimed at becoming competent swimmers and using swimming as part of healthy lifestyle.