Richmondales Back to the Pool Gala (16th & 17th September)

Gala Report

This was the first gala of the season which is always the gala used to set the baseline for the competitive season. We had 27 swimmers on the Saturday and 24 on the Sunday and we were shoehorned into a small area of the changing rooms which was extremely hot!

The team had a mix of seasoned competitive swimmers and some newbies, the strength of the club is that everyone looks after each other and full credit has to go to the kids who did make sure that people were included and that team mates were cheered on in races.

Considering it was the first gala of the season the team produced some excellent swims, many setting high standards of performance. The total medal haul for the first day was 7 bronze medals, 4 silver and 5 gold, the second day saw the team bring home 4 bronze medals, 2 silver and 6 gold medals which was an incredible success rate.

We also had a swimmer make the Skins event, Callum Wilson, who was loudly supported by all the team, well done Callum – you made us proud!

Richmondales Back to the Pool